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Get FREE beatbox video lessons for young people?from BYU Vocal Point beatboxer, Grant Zabriskie.


What Will I Get When I Sign Up As a Beta-Student?

Video 1

Everything You Need to Know Before You Start Beatboxing

Video 2

How to Make Basic Beatbox Sounds and Rhythms

Video 3

How to Practice So You Learn Faster and Make Better Sounds

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An opportunity to help me make this the best tool ever!

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Don’t worry, signing up does not mean you’re obligated to purchase or use?the final tool. In fact, if you’re only interested in learning basic beatboxing, these videos are all you need!

About Me and My?Project for Young People

Hi! I’m Grant Zabriskie.?I’m a 20-year beatboxing veteran?with a passion for teaching and enabling young people to find and reach their dreams.

I’m endeavoring to create the internet’s first-ever complete?learning tool for young people to learn how to beatbox, and I’ve never been so excited for anything in my life! I’ve taught many young people?how to beatbox, and I know it’s incredibly fun, easy to pick up, but also a compelling challenge to master. Any kid can benefit both musically and personally from learning how to beatbox.

Watch the video above to learn how showing your support can help me complete this big goal. If you sign up, I’ll send you some exclusive free training and you’ll be the first know when this new system?is ready.

I’m crazy excited that you’ll be joining me! Email me anytime at grant@grantzabriskie.com with questions and comments!

– Grant

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